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HGH side effects

There has been a lot of talks about human growth hormone effects in sport. Nowadays, human growth hormones are available in almost all drug and sports stores in different forms: pills, sprays, injections. It has been found that human growth hormones are quite useful in improving the sports performance. But are they so effective? What about side effects?

There are a lot of benefits of human growth hormones. If a sportsman decides to eliminate illegal means of enhancing his performance at sport, human growth hormone can be a nice choice because being naturally generated in his or her body, the detection of human growth hormone is not necessarily means an illicit use. Abnormal level of human growth hormone is difficult to detect.

But in addition to all benefits of human growth hormone, there are certain risks. An excess amount of the human growth hormone can lead to acromegaly, which is a disease of the abnormal growth of hands and facial bones in adults. Excess growth of the heart, liver, and kidneys can cause cardiomyopathy. As well, hormonally induced rapid cell growth has been linked with the development of cancer.

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  • HGH in Sports

    Human growth hormone is used by many sportsmen to increase muscle size. There is a direct link between muscle size and strength and sportsmen that need power and strength can benefit from human growth hormones. Before the advent of genetic engineering, the only source of human growth hormone was human corpses. HGH products can now be made in unlimited quantities in the laboratory to enhance sportsmen strength.

    However, human growth hormones are not guaranteed to make you better at sport. Many different factors create sporting performance and physical strength is only one of them.

    Excess human growth hormone in the body can cause different diseases and lead to potentially life-threatening problems. That’s why if you consider human growth hormone to improve your sport results, you should consult with a doctor and never overdose on HGH products.

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