Different scientists conducted serious research and came to a conclusion that evolutionary and genetic factors caused this specific characteristic and influenced these animals’ life span. However, this feature is not typical for people. It can easily be explained by the fact that people live in completely different conditions that cannot be compared to the environment of those animals for which the negligible senescence characteristic is typical.

Now scientists try to determine different factors that influence the human aging process in order to deal with them accordingly. Almost everyone knows that the most common factor influencing human aging process is stress. In short, people suffer a lot from the speed of life, everyday difficulties, unpleasant situations; our bodies are under constant psychological attack almost every day. It leads to hormone disturbance and, consequently, to cell damage.

Next factor influencing human aging process is the degeneration of the hypothalamus, a neural control centre at the base of the brain. The main function of hypothalamus is to direct the “traffic” of different hormones to other glands. Time passes and the hypothalamus starts making mistakes and releases improper amounts of hormone to other glands. As a result, disproportioned hormone levels lead to tissues damage.

All scientists came to an agreement that harmful external factors, such as radiation, pollution, contaminants combined with continuous stress and unhealthy eating habits provoke human cells damage. These extremely dangerous external factors will not leave cells unchanged. Cells play a significant role in the human aging process as they are responsible for the development of our body. This is where HGH supplements can influence the cells and slow down the human aging process.