Even in the ancient times people were always trying to find a real ‘spring of youth’. There were many inventions, but the most of them were just fakes, bringing no real help. Today researchers and medical men go on looking for a powerful source of the energy of youth. The recent research works, carried out within the last several decades, allow to state that the real source of long-lasting youthful power, present in the bodies of older people, is human growth hormone in its high concentrations. This substance is generated by the pituitary gland, which is one of several endocrine glands, and it is responsible for the active functioning of a person’s body.

When a person gets older than twenty, the function of the pituitary gland reduces, and the same happens to the level of growth hormone. The negative effects of the reduction of the level of this hormone include: blood pressure increase, wrinkled skin, reduced bone thickness, slower metabolic activity and so on. A middle-aged person, wishing to keep his powers at the level typical for young people, is advised to take HGH products. The advantages of maintaining high levels of human growth hormone are indisputable. It is impossible to remain young forever or to deceive the laws of nature, including the one of getting old. But it is quite easy to shift this time a little.